Mauga is the first Samoan hero in Overwatch 2

Posted on November 7, 2023

Announced during BlizzCon 2023, Overwatch 2‘s newest hero is Mauga the Samaon Tank who will tear through the competition with two impressive chainguns.

Mauga was available in testing servers until 5 November 2023 giving Overwatch 2 players the chance to experience the raw power and destructive force that he brings to the game, before his official release in Season 8.

Described as not your typical hero, Mauga is designed for smashing through the front lines and engaging in close-quarters combat, he wields two massive chainguns.

His incendiary chaingun “Gunny” can set enemies ablaze, causing them to burn when they take enough damage. Once they’re sizzling, Mauga delivers the finishing blow with his volatile chaingun “Cha-Cha,” dealing critical damage. These weapons can be fired individually or in tandem, allowing you to unleash a torrent of bullets upon your foes.

With his Berserker Passive, Mauga gains temporary health every time he deals critical damage. His strategic ability Overrun allows him to charge forward, barreling through enemies and dealing a powerful knockback. This charge is unstoppable, meaning no crowd control abilities can halt his advance.

When the going gets tough, Mauga activates Cardiac Overdrive. This ability not only reduces incoming damage but also creates an aura that lets allies heal themselves while dealing damage.  The new hero is proving to be a strong force in matches and a contender for competitive gameplay.

First person gameplay of Mauga from Overwatch 2

When Mauga wants to get up close and personal, he unleashes his ultimate ability, Cage Fight. This ability creates a fighting ring, trapping nearby opponents inside. This barrier blocks enemy incoming damage and healing from the outside, forcing those inside to face the fury of Mauga and his chainguns. It’s a battle of survival, and the last thing you might see is his big smile.

Mauga will make his official debut in Season 8, starting on 5 December 2023. You’ll have the chance to unlock Mauga immediately if you invest in a Season 8 Premium Battle Pass or when you reach Tier 45 in the standard Battle Pass.