Begin a new hunt in Monster Hunter Wilds

Posted on December 8, 2023

Capcom has revealed a new entry in the Monster Hunter series during The Game Awards. Called Monster Hunter Wilds, the game will iterate further on the open world exploration and cooperative monster slaying that the series has been excelling at for nearly 20 years.

The reveal trailer shows a hunter riding a winged monster across a desert plain, outrunning a deadly sandstorm. After evading several lightning bolts, the hunter’s mount spreads its wings and takes to the skies. The game seems to be expanding on the monster riding gameplay elements emphasised in 2021’s Monster Hunter Rise, featuring new monsters aside from Palamutes to ride on to traverse the open areas.

Notably, Monster Hunter Wilds is being developed for the most powerful platforms of PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC rather than the portable and less-powerful Nintendo Switch as in the case of Monster Hunter Rise. While Monster Hunter Rise was impressive considering the Switch’s limitations, it will be exciting to see what a game made without the necessary processing and graphical drawbacks would be. As per a statement from series producer Ryozo Tusjimoto on the official PlayStation YouTube channel, “the team is working hard using the power of PlayStation 5 to the fullest in order to bring you the best Monster Hunter experience yet.

Monster Hunter Wilds is still a while off, with a projected release window of 2025. However, Tusjimoto promises that in commemoration of the series’ 20th anniversary next year, more info is expected to be revealed in Winter 2024. While we have had games from other studios filling a similar niche, like Wild Hearts, sometimes you just can’t beat the original, and a new mainline Monster Hunter entry is definitely something to look forward to when it comes out in around 2 years’ time.