Fortnite OG Season and original map to return next year

Posted on December 4, 2023

Epic Games has confirmed that, following the tremendously successful nostalgia-focused Fortnite OG event last month, it’ll be coming back next year. In addition to the original familiar Battle Pass, weapons, cosmetics and vehicles, the game’s original map will also be making a return in 2024.

Ngl the OG season far exceeded our expectations,” the Fortnite account posted on Twitter/X, “So much so that we’d like to bring it back… *opens 2024 roadmap doc* In the meantime, see you on the Battle Bus.

Originally released in November 2023, Fortnite OG temporarily brought back mechanics, cosmetics, items and vehicles from the battle royale’s early days, stripping back much of the gradual evolution that the game has seen over the years to its original incarnation from the late 2010s. It’s no mystery why it is making a comeback; even by the game’s lofty standards, the event was a smashing success, seeing over 44.7 million players on its first day. Many replies to the post on Twitter/X expressed strong enthusiasm for its return, with some even requesting it be made into a separate mode. If the return of Fortnite OG continues to be successful, we may see more regular events aimed at long-time fans of the game’s early days.

In the meantime, Fortnite Chapter 5: Underground has been taking place since 2023’s Fortnite OG ended. The list of crossover franchises spotlighted in the chapter’s Battle Pass includes LEGO, Metal Gear Solid and a weirdly muscular Peter Griffin from Family Guy. There is also a new island, weapon mods and boss battles, among a range of new features.

These new inclusions in Chapter 5 should be sufficient to tide players over until the next return to the past when Fortnite OG and the game’s original map return next year. We will likely learn more about a specific release date before long.