Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth wants you to pay extra for New Game+

Posted on January 22, 2024

Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth is coming out in only a few days and fans are getting excited! However,  New Game+ is locked behind the game’s Deluxe edition, offerring the “Master Vacation” bundle which includes endgame content along with a few other additional items.

This news was discovered on the official site for Infinite Wealth, towards the bottom is a digital edition comparison that explains what each edition includes (noting the Steam and PlayStation Store don’t). It feels like SEGA may be trying to hide the fact that they’re paywalling New Game+. Most games include New Game+ in the base game and this leaves a bad taste in many fan’s mouths.

We learned back in June 2023 of its existence with a reveal trailer and a release window. Most games these days offer different versions and price points. Like A Dragon isn’t any different, but what it offers is making a lot of people turn their heads. Infinite Wealth’s standard edition will set you back $114.95AUD. For those looking for the full experience, you’ll have to fork over an additional $23AUD to get the Deluxe edition at $137.95AUD. Or $179.95 for the Ultimate edition.

A Reddit user emailed SEGA’s customer support over this, confirming that yes, New Game+ is only available for those who have the Master Vacation bundle.

Games are getting more and more expensive these days, with PlayStation 5 games now ccosting over $100AUD. Back in 2022, Microsoft raised the price of their first-party next gen games from $60USD to $70USD. The president of Capcom announced last year that video games don’t cost enough.

This whole thing feels rather dystopian. Having something as basic as being able to replay a game locked behind a $23AUD wall is just gross. Hopefully this doesn’t spark a trend.

Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth launches on 26 January 2024 for the PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and PC.