Avatar: The Last Airbender is rumored to enter Fortnite

Posted on February 26, 2024

Water, Fire, Earth, and Air. It is rumoured that Avatar: The Last Airbender could be the next brand to collaborate with Fortnite. The popular Nickelodeon children’s program could be jumping off the battle bus to bring more chaos to this popular battle royale game.

Content creator, iFireMonkey shared the rumour on X (formerly Twitter), claiming that this upcoming collab would give players a chance to claim an Appa-themed glider and that an Aang-themed dance will be available for both the regular and LEGO versions of the game. Unfortunately, it’s currently unknown if players would receive the chance to wield any of the four elements in-game. According to the content creator, the ‘leaks’ were found on Fortnite’s API and that it would be available until May 3, 2024. However, the date in question could just be a placeholder.

Fortnite and Epic Games have yet to confirm the rumoured collaboration, especially since the game is still in the middle of its Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles event. Nickelodeon and Avatar Studios have yet to confirm or deny these speculations as well. This isn’t the only Avatar collab that was rumoured to team up with Fortnite as James Cameron’s Avatar franchise also received speculation that it would also be featured in the game as well, according to Dexerto. At the same time, rumours tend to be shut down by the franchise’s owners, like Doctor Who for example.

It would be interesting to see if this potential collaboration would come to light, especially since the Netflix live-action adaptation was released last week.