Dragon’s Dogma 2 reveals Warfarer vocation and dragonsplague illness in new trailer

Posted on February 2, 2024

An exciting new trailer for Dragon’s Dogma 2 has been presented during the January 2024 PlayStation State of Play, showcasing the Warfarer vocation and the dragonsplague illness.

As shown in the trailer, you will have the opportunity to embrace the versatile Warfarer vocation, wielding a greatsword, harnessing high-level magick, and deceiving enemies with illusions. The Warfarer is unique to the main character, offering the flexibility to switch between different weapon types and learn core skills from other vocations. By mastering the art of combat and adaptability, you can unleash powerful combos and strategic attacks, making the Warfarer for those who seek versatility and mastery in battle.

Throughout the world of Dragon’s Dogma 2 there will be vocation maisters who have perfected their respective vocations. By deepening relationships with these maisters and earning their approval, you can unlock new vocations and acquire special skills known as maister’s teachings. From powerful archery techniques to mystic abilities, these maisters hold the key to unlocking the full potential of each vocation.

A mysterious and contagious disease-like status known as dragonsplague infects Pawns under certain conditions. While affected, Pawns exhibit improved basic stats and altered behaviour, displaying abilities and confidence beyond their normal capabilities. As the illness progresses it is said to result in devastating casualties. As the player, you must decide whether to seek a cure or embrace the enhanced strength offered by dragonsplague.

Dragon's Dogma 2 warrior fighting enemies

The last snippet we got about the development of Dragon’s Dogma 2 was back in November 2023. The trailer showed off gameplay, more story details, and officially announced the release date. Now that we’re only a month away from release, we’re pretty excited to get our grubby hands on another journey in this Capcom universe.

Dragon’s Dogma 2 seemingly promises to deliver for fans waiting for this sequel for such a long time. Pre-orders for both the Standard Edition and Digital Deluxe Edition are now available on PlayStation Store. Mark your calendars for 22 March 2024 and prepare to embark on an epic adventure unlike any other.