Temtem removing microtransactions as the game outlines its final updates

Posted on March 6, 2024

As outlined in a blog post released on Steam, the 1.7 update for Temtem will be the last major content update, bringing a new season, Tamer Pass (Battle Pass), and bug fixes. It will also remove microtransactions, something the developers said was “deemed out of place for a lot of players”. A 1.8 update will follow, though it will not bring its own season, instead, it will add the ability to switch between old Tamer Passes, in an attempt to reduce FOMO for players.

This news comes after a new spin-off game, Temtem Swarm, a roguelike bullet hell set in the Temtem universe, was announced.

Temtem Swarm hero image

The blog post said that new content for Temtem would take nine months to make, which would see an uptick in new players on release, but once these players had finished the content they would leave again, with there never being a permanent increase in the player base. They continued to say that Temtem was never meant to be a game updated forever, with technical debt ramping up with each new unplanned or reworked feature.

The developers at Crema are committed to keeping the multiplayer game’s servers open, with no plans for an offline mode in the future, but went on to say that they “completely intend to uphold our promise that we will always provide a way to play Temtem.”

As for the future of the IP, a direct sequel is not in the works, Crema is “simply not ready. We are, as a studio, too small to embark on the feat we’d like Temtem 2 to be; we don’t currently have the technical knowledge, the time nor the ability to bring those ideas to life.” However, a new game will be set in the universe, dubbed Project Downbelow. It is hoped by the developers that this would be able to put them closer to being able to release a Temtem 2, with a new engine, combat system, and other yet-to-be-revealed things, giving them the preparation and experience they need to do so.

The blog post concludes that while some players may feel that Temtem has much more potential to unlock, Crema is pleased with the final product.