TimeSplitters Rewind devs are in an “incredibly challenging space”

Posted on April 2, 2024

The TimeSplitters Rewind team has resurfaced with its first update video in over a year, shedding light on the challenges they face amidst the current state of the gaming industry. Lead writer Jake ‘The Voice’ Parr candidly discusses the hurdles the developers encounter, from potential layoffs to changes in the TimeSplitters intellectual property landscape. Despite securing permission from Crytek UK in 2012, progress on the fan project has been sluggish, with developers juggling their commitment to the project alongside professional obligations.

In the video, Parr emphasizes the urgent need for assistance across various aspects of development, including character and environment artists, technical designers, and animators. Without additional help, the team fears that the project’s scope may need to be scaled back, potentially limiting representation from TimeSplitters 2 and Future Perfect.

Progress on TimeSplitters Rewind varies across different environments and maps, with the Spaceways map notably falling behind schedule. The project still requires significant work, including the creation of new character models, music assets, and weapon animations to enhance the overall experience.

While the game’s release date remains unspecified, TimeSplitters Rewind stands as the only active TimeSplitters project following the closure of developer Free Radical Design by Embracer Group. The cancellation of Free Radical’s official new TimeSplitters game has left fans eagerly awaiting the completion of TimeSplitters Rewind, making the call for assistance all the more crucial.

Despite the challenges, the TimeSplitters Rewind team remains determined to deliver the best possible experience to fans. However, achieving this goal will require a concerted effort and support from the community to overcome the obstacles that lie ahead.