An “unannounced remake” is reportedly in development at 2K

Posted on July 8, 2024

A post on LinkedIn by a Motion Capture Animator at 2K, has revealed that he has been working on an “Upcoming Unannounced Remake” in addition to other titles which we know are in development. The LinkedIn page in question has been updated to remove this detail at the time of writing, but not before screenshots were taken by

According to the profile, he has worked on the upcoming new Mafia title, the new Bioshock game, a cancelled title by the recently restructured Supermassive Games codenamed “Erebus”, and most intriguing of all, an “Upcoming Unannounced Remake“, as well as an unannounced title and unannounced sports title. 2K has a large catalogue of games from previous console generations which are likely ripe for a remake or remaster on modern platforms. Let’s go over some likely candidates.

The first Borderlands game is a potential option; the original hasn’t aged all that well compared to its sequels, and while it did get a “Game of the Year” remaster in 2019, a bottom-up remake bringing its gameplay and visuals more in line with the other games in the franchise in time for the upcoming film this year isn’t the worst idea as far as brand synergy goes. A modern port of XCOM: Enemy Within would be nice, particularly as it has been quite a while since the last XCOM game back in 2020.

There is also the original Bioshock, a game that has also already been remastered for modern platforms, but which could hypothetically be due for a do-over updating some of the more contentious elements of its gameplay (looking at you, annoying hacking minigame!). Spec Ops: The Line, the acclaimed deconstructive military shooter that was pulled from digital storefronts earlier this year due to licensing issues, could be in line for the remake treatment as well.

2K has a rich catalogue of titles that could benefit from gameplay, performance and visual updates for modern platforms. We will have to wait for this “Upcoming Unannounced Remake” at 2K to no longer be unannounced.