Spin Rhythm XD Review – Spin, tap, flick, slide

Reviewed November 14, 2023 on Nintendo Switch


PC, iOS, Android, Nintendo Switch


October 26, 2023


Super Spin Digital


Super Spin Digital

Spin Rhythm XD, the electronic music game that gained critical acclaim on PC, has made its way to the Nintendo Switch, bringing a captivating blend of fluid controls, handcrafted levels, and a pulsating soundtrack. We’ve been waiting a while for this game developed by Super Spin Digital from Melbourne (Naarm) to fully launch, and it brings a bopping adventure accessible to everyone.

Rhythm revolution

At its core, Spin Rhythm XD introduces players to an intuitive dance of four fundamental actions: Spin, Tap, Flick, and Slide. These actions, matched with red and blue notes, may seem simple but create a rhythmic masterpiece. Spin the wheel like a DJ turntable, tap with precision, flick to the beats, and slide through vibrant colour sections. The brilliance lies in its simplicity, making the game fun for newcomers and offering depth for beat enthusiasts.

The transition to the Nintendo Switch is slick, ensuring a consistent and enjoyable experience across platforms. With multiple control options, including regular controls, motion controls, and touchscreen functionality, the game caters to mixed play preferences.

As you progress through five difficulty levels – easy, normal, hard, expert, and XD – the game unfolds like a musical journey. Each level introduces more intricate mechanics. The higher levels demand precision, with notes requiring holds and lifts. Additional beats, where the tap of the R button becomes important, add complexity. What starts as a stroll in easy mode transforms into a challenging dance in XD difficulty, providing enjoyment for rhythm game veterans.

Take the colour sections, for instance – a slide of your finger or analog stick mimics a crossfader action. This intuitive design ensures that seemingly tricky actions align with the flow.

Unlocking the groove

Spin Rhythm XD is inclusive for all skill levels, accommodating both veterans and newcomers. Beginners find comfort in lower difficulty levels, gradually building confidence. It’s an excellent starting point for those new to music games, preparing them for the intricate patterns that await.

The game provides incentives to keep players engaged. An experience system and levels unlock not just new songs but also wheel skins, UI skins, and more. This progression system, coupled with unlockable and high scores, transforms the player’s journey into a rhythmic adventure.

It’s one real letdown is note placement along the oncoming track. Notes aren’t always placed high to low to reflect the ascending or descending notes, something that you’ll often see in games like Guitar Hero and DJ Hero. It unfortunately hinders the immersion for the musically inclined and can make some tracks feel more like the basic arcade gameplay of Tap Tap Revenge.

A neon-lit spectacle

Spin Rhythm XD offers a visually captivating experience with vibrant neon aesthetics that sync with the music. The menu UI, resembling a music playlist, ensures a user-friendly and enjoyable experience, particularly for handheld play. Customisation options let you tweak visuals, from note size to colour schemes, creating a personalised adventure. The visuals aren’t just static; they dynamically respond to the beats, making you an integral part of the musical journey.

At its core, the game boasts an eclectic collection of over 60 tracks from various electronic music genres. From dreamy future bass to intense dubstep wubs, the audio caters to a broad audience. The immersive experience goes beyond beats, with explosions of colour and synchronised animations accompanying each note. Authentic sound effects, like guns and explosions, add a tangible layer to the gameplay, providing a holistic sensory experience.

While it may lack some mainstream EDM, the existing soundtrack covers a range of subgenres. The prospect of a sequel with a larger budget holds promise for an even more diverse soundtrack, potentially including iconic artists. The current OST ensures there’s a genre of EDM for everyone, making the musical journey delightful for all ears. Electronic music enthusiasts will also appreciate the 10 original tracks in the Spin Rhythm XD OST Vol.01, featuring artists from the game.




  • Intuitive controls that you can even hook a DJ deck to
  • Great EDM selection
  • Visually a spectacle
  • Unlocks and high scores drive you to play more


  • Note placement isn't always perfect
  • Lacks mainstream EDM for wider appeal

Spin Rhythm XD is a groovy good time, seamlessly combining intuitive controls, challenging levels, and an electrifying soundtrack. Visually, it’s a neon-lit spectacle that responds to dynamic beats, incorporating trippy and vibrant aesthetics while still offering accessibility options. Boasting over 60 tracks from dreamy future bass to intense dubstep, it’s a fun, multisensory journey.