September 2016

World of Final Fantasy Hands-On

I spent almost as much time playing World of Final Fantasy as I did playing Final Fantasy XV at the Bandai Namco preview Luke and I attended, and I have to say, this title is going to give it's more serious sibling a good run for it's money. Read on


Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue Hands-On

Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Premium Prologue was really just a taste of Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep 0.2 in which I played as Aqua trying to rebuild the bridge to the Castle of Dreams. In essence, a lot of the captured footage in the below E3 trailer was what I experienced firsthand. Read on


Battlefield 1 Beta Preview

Jump in a time machine with me as we head back to the First World War and take a gander at everything the Battlefield 1 beta has to offer. Read on

Nintendo Direct Round-Up

Nintendo have kicked September off with their Nintendo Direct live presentation, which aired last night. But was it worth staying up for? Read on

August 2016

The Best of Gamescom 2016

Gamescom has come and gone and in its wake it has left its fair share of interesting and exciting reveals. We understand that you may not have time for them all though, so why not view everything at once in one handy article. Our best of Gamescom 2016. Read on


The Xbox One S: Life with 2 consoles

The Xbox One S launched last week and began shipping to pre-orders. Archer has invested in the new console and is eager to compare it with the original Xbox One; check out what he thinks! Read on


July 2016

June 2016

Nintendo: My first love

Growing up I was a Nintendo fanboy. I had a Super Nintendo (I'm young, sorry), Nintendo 64, Gamecube & Wii. The Wii was ,in fact, the first console I had ever bought on launch day. I spent hours upon ours discussing the Wii leading up to, and post launch on forums. I knew of the system before we knew about the controller, back when it was only known as "The Revolution". My fanboyism didn't stop there. As a young year 8 student I was one of those infuriating people that defended the Wii's name online and refused to back down, because in my eyes, Nintendo could do no wrong. Read on


Microsoft E3 Round-Up

Get ready for an in-depth look into Microsoft's E3 press conference from last week - what worked and what didn't? Read on


Sony E3 Round-Up

Check out our recap on what many would consider to be the "incredible" Sony E3 2016 press conference. Read on


Ubisoft E3 Round-Up

It kicked off with crazy dancing and ended with new IP - want to catch up on Ubisoft's E3 press conference? Now is your chance! Read on


E3 2016: Ubisoft Press Conference Live Commentary

Ubisoft have a lot to prove this year, with Watch Dogs 2 and more being shown. With no Assassins Creed to back them up in 2016, this should be interesting indeed! Hang out with us during our live commentary for all the updates! Read on