June ‘Games with Gold’ Xbox titles revealed

Posted on May 27, 2016

Games with Gold is turning 3!

How time flies when you’re achievement hunting….

So what’s in the line up for June?  For the free titles for Xbox Live Gold members we have the latest from xbox.com

First up for the Xbox One, on June 1st we have the  *insert goat sound*  proof that goofing off at work can be the most productive thing you’ll ever do; the ‘game jam’ created Goat Simulator. Inspired by old-school skateboarding titles and guaranteed a perfect time waster, this title is worth every cent* for it’s multiplayer competition.
*During the month of June. Specifically while free.

Also for the Xbox One, on June 16 we have The Crew, for those looking for some open-world online racing  action. It’s touted that “The Crew offers an online driving experience like none other.” and, well,  I can’t contradict them on that.

For Xbox 360, available to both play and now also acquire directly on the Xbox One as well as 360, starts out with Super Meat Boy on the 1st to the 15th of June.  This critically acclaimed indie hit from 2010 is a great addition for anyone who hasn’t played, or just looking for a copy on their Xbox. The sheer size of it alone, with over 300 levels and a stash of unlockables, is a great in-between titles-title.

And arguably saving the best till last: from June 16-30 XCOM: Enemy Unknown can be yours, for free, on the Xbox One (and i guess the 360). For those of you who feel like you missed out on the Xbox One with the release of XCOM 2 (for those unaware of my sycophantic love for XCOM 2, you can check out my review HERE ) this is an opportunity to make up some of that loss with an excellent original.

So what games are you looking to grab while the price is right?  And what titles are you really holding out for on Games with Gold? Comment below!