Customise your fighter in Absolver

Posted on August 15, 2017

What’s that you say? Cameron we get it, you’re excited about Sloclaps Martial Arts focused Role Playing Game Absolver. You’re right, I am! Don’t you think you should stop building up the hype for its interesting combat system and unique art style? No, I don’t think I will stop shovelling coal into the hype train — because now I get to choose outfits!

In the latest video released by publisher Devolver Digital we get a look at two aspects of customisation for Absolver. First is a very brief look at customising the character features which thankfully looks very brief. Last thing I need is another game that takes me hours to figure out just the right chin width.

Absolver thankfully hides your face behind a mask. Asking you to only choose your sex, haircut, hair colour and origin. Thankfully this kind of limited creation should only take me about an hour.

Absolver customisation

The second customisation aspect that we learn about in this update is all about fashion, because what good is beating people up with the Drunken Fist technique if I look like garbage while doing it? Fashion, or armour if you insist, will play a major role in your fighting style. You will be weighing up benefits between the usual speed and defence. This kind of Sophie’s Choice isn’t really reinventing the wheel in modern RPG’s, but when the nice lady promises us “thousands” of combinations I just know I’m in for a changing room montage.

Absolver already has us chomping at the bit with its complex combat system, which now include using swords against bare knuckles, but also its beautiful art style and fairly mysterious world. With only two weeks until Absolver’s release on the 29th of August, surely this will be the last update before we get to sink our teeth in. Be sure to watch the full update for all the FashionSolver goodness below.