Xbox, PlayStation and PC subscriptions offer a bunch of free games this October

Posted on September 28, 2018

Each month brings fresh rotation of free games and goodies to enjoy. The October 2018 edition of favourable titles include games for PlayStation, Xbox and PC.

In late September, Microsoft’s Major Nelson announced October’s Games with Gold freebies for 2018. Owners of  Xbox One or Xbox One X with an Xbox Live Gold subscription will be able to snag up four fun and exciting titles. First up, Ghost Town Games’ party-chef extravaganza Overcooked will have you in a flipping chaos of too many cooks. Victor Vran delivers a gothic take on the Action-RPG genre, familiar to fans of Diablo III and Van Helsing.

Classic racing-action title Stuntman: Ignition will help get the blood pumping over October with reckless driving at its peak. On the opposite end, Hitman: Blood Money will require precision and strategy to complete missions in stealth – or just run in guns blazing. That works too. These will be available for download from a range of dates in October 2018 (see below).

Not too long after, Sony revealed their line-up of PlayStation Plus free games for October 2018. Anyone with a PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, or PlayStation Vita can download the following excellent titles from 2 October to 5 November 2018. Fitting the spooky month, Friday the 13th: The Game places players in the shoes of Jason Voorhees himself, or the unlucky incompetent camp counsellors of Camp Crystal Lake, in an action-survival romp. Laser League is a brand new, neon multiplayer game where teams of two or more bikers a pit in an arena of lasers – last one standing reigns supreme.

Laser League free with PS Plus in October

Ty Taylor’s surreal and intriguing indie project The Bridge will be available across all PlayStation platforms, pitting players against mindboggling puzzles and creative game design. Cyberpunk adventure 2064: Read Only Memories brings its masterful storytelling to Vita and PS4 players, tasking them with ‘a conspiracy that will shake the foundations of Neo-San Francisco‘.  Developer Ratloop’s Rocketbirds 2 Evolution is an ‘explosion of finger-licking fun’ in a sidescrolling, shoot-em-up experience of hens and chicken action heroes alike – available on Vita and PS4. Imagine a world where death is tentative, memories can be archived forever and souls live eternally. Sci-Fi horror Master Reboot for the PlayStation 3 delivers that twisted dystopian adventure.

Hold up, is this a console exclusive month? Not if Humble Bundle has anything to say. Subscribers to Humble Bundle monthly will receive three mystery games on 5 October, on top of the current offer. The current month includes the expansive 65+ DRM-Free Humble Trove collection of games and Overwatch (plus a bonus loot box), Dungeons III, and Hidden Folks to sweeten the deal.

Overwatch free with Humble Bundle in October

At the turn of the month, subscribers to Twitch Prime will receive a range of new free downloadable PC games and in-game items. The current offers include Guild of Dungeoneering and Gunpoint which will remain available until 30 September, additional to the abundance of loot boxes, PUBG bonuses, and more. Keep an eye out on the upcoming free Twitch Prime games very soon.

To wrap things off, the biggest and rarest treat of the month is the free SOULCALIBUR VI test happening very soon. From 29 September 2018 1AM AEST until 1 October 2018 1PM AEST, both Xbox and PlayStation players can get there grubby hands into the network test. The critically acclaimed fighting series often features guest stars like Yoda and Darth Vader in previous editions. This time around, Geralt from The Witcher will take on the SOULCALIBUR VI roster.

That’s it for October, but we don’t doubt more tricks or treats will be revealed throughout the month. Stay in the know by following our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Or simply keep up to date on our website for all your gaming news and reviews.