Shave your head to play HITMAN 2 early

Posted on October 24, 2018

HITMAN 2 is sneaking up and releasing soon… but not soon enough. However, the impatient and die hard fans of the series have the chance to shave their head to play it early.

PAX Australia 2018 is this weekend, and accompanying it are many unreleased and newly released titles available for preview. HITMAN 2 happens to be one of them. The inevitable is a few hours in line to get a hands-on with one of the many games and there are only so many hours in a weekend. For those with an incredibly tight schedule, from playing other indie-titles to seeing our PAX Panel on online hate and slurs, timing things just right is important.

Luckily, 18point2, in association with Warner Brothers Entertainment, has heard the cries and offer an alternative. Anyone in line for HITMAN 2 over the PAX Australia weekend can select to shave their head to skip straight to the start. It’s just like buying microtransactions in an EA game – without the buying and more shaving. The official release reads “A barber will be giving Agent 47 makeovers in return for fast-tracked access to HITMAN 2“. So basically, get a sweet haircut and play the game quicker – it’s a win, win situation.

18point2 is an Australian and New Zealand entertainment distributor from Sydney, offering expertise and relationships across all aspects of the industry. They are closely knit with Warner Bros. due to their veteran employee base. The group is managing HITMAN 2‘s presence at PAX, providing an interesting and bare experience to play before its release on 13 November 2018. Featuring the opportunity to kill famous actor Sean Bean and brand new progression and difficulty tweaks, the sooner it comes the better.

shave your head at PAX to play Hitman 2

PAX Australia is jam-packed with heaps more exciting events, panels, and convention activities. Buy a ticket, support the gaming presence in Australia, play some fantastic local indie games, and make sure to not miss our influential and potentially controversial panel. To be perfectly honest, it’s probably the best panel of the year. Slurs, Toxicity & Hate: Life Online as Female & LGBT+ Gamers is at 3.30PM – 4.30PM on  Saturday 27 October in the Ibis Theatre.

See you there!