Bethesda Support acknowledges and apologises for user info leak

Posted on December 7, 2018

At this point in time it feels as though Bethesda are springing leaks in their sinking ship faster than they can bail the water out. First Fallout 76 received middling to bad reviews, then there was the whole ordeal over not providing a canvas bag to Power Armour Edition purchasers, and now there has been a user info leak where individual’s names, phone numbers, and postal addresses were leaked.

The personal information leak occurred after a glitch in Bethesda’s support systems allowed some users to view support tickets issues by other users. This meant information such as user names, real names, postal addresses, phone numbers, and proof of purchase details were being sent out to unwelcome parties. The error has since been fixed, although that’s not much consolation for people who have already had their personal information broadcast to the internet.

Bethesda have since responded to the incident in a Tweet of their own. Thankfully it seems like no credit card details or passwords were sent to the wrong people. Although we are certainly beginning to see a trend of problems arising and Bethesda having to act swiftly and apologise for what has happened.

Breach of consumer data is a federal offence in many countries, so this is certainly more than a simple mistake. How Bethesda plan to handle the situation from here is yet unknown, although they did mention they plan to contact those who were likely impacted by the leak.