Dishonored 2 receives free new content two years after release

Posted on December 18, 2018

One of 2016’s best games is receiving a new update two years after release. Owners of Dishonored 2 (as well as its standalone spin-off, Death of the Outsider) can unlock a cool new visual mode, as well as some neat in-game goodies previous reserved as pre-order bonuses. In order to access the new content, all you need to do is log into your account from the main menu. These bonuses can be unlocked on all platforms.

The first most striking addition is the optional Black and White mode. With this mode enabled, the game’s colour pallet is reduced to monochrome, with the exception of the red blood splatters. It might not be for everyone, but could be an exciting new way to view the city of Karnaca, and emphasises the game’s vibrant art style and lighting. Players can switch from the regular visual mode and the Black and White visuals from the pause menu at any time.

Dishonored 2

Another handy addition is Mission+, which lets players jump into any previously completed mission with all of their unlocked powers. This is perfect for anyone wanting to explore any of the game’s more inventive levels, like the Clockwork Mansion, without having to have to replay the rest of the game up to that point. As Dishonored is a series that rewards exploration and taking multiple approaches to complete objectives, a mode that lets players run loose in a level of their choosing is something many players will appreciate.

Finally, owners of Dishonored 2 can redeem the Imperial Assassin’s Pack, a collection of bonus items previously reserved as pre-order bonuses.

The Imperial Assassin’s Pack includes:
  • Duelist’s Luck bone charm
  • Void Favor bone charm
  • In-game Antique Serkonan Guitar for Emily or Corvo to interact with
  • In-game book: Goodbye, Karnaca – A Musician’s Farewell
  • 500 bonus coins

Dishonored 2

The Black and White mode and Mission+ are available for both Dishonored 2 and Death of the Outsider, and all of this new content is free to access. Whilst it is a long time coming, it is really neat to see a publisher supporting one of their best games a long time after release. In particular, making the pre-order content free to access eventually, instead of keeping it exclusive to those who pre-ordered forever, is a fairly consumer-friendly move.

Admittedly, Bethesda could use the good publicity, especially after a mess regarding pre-ordered canvas bags and a leak of customer personal information. It may not be enough to make up for how Fallout 76 has been handled overall. However, fans of Arkane’s stealth franchise are likely to be pleased.