Kingdom Hearts III leaks in full online over a month from release

Posted on December 17, 2018

Over a month out from its January 29th release date, Kingdom Hearts III has been leaked to the world thanks to an individual obtaining illegal copies of the game. The individual, who is rumoured to have stolen multiple copies from a distribution centre, has not only uploaded important files and cutscenes, but has also sold multiple copies of the game.

The team behind Kingdom Hearts III was pretty quick to respond to the unfortunate leak, taking to Twitter to ask fans not to further circulate the leaks and to instead wait patiently until release.

Leaks are annoyingly quite common within the gaming world, and distribution centres are just one way for impatient or opportunistic individuals to get their hands on a game early. The recently released Super Smash Bros. Ultimate had its files and cutscenes leaked back in late November. In fact the more anticipated the game, the more likely somebody is going to break the law or break embargo in order to leak the game.

As for Kingdom Hearts III, it actually looks like the perpetrator has been caught. Quinton Flynn, the Voice actor for Lea/Axel in Kingdom Hearts III, posted to Twitter suggesting as much. However this certainly hasn’t stopped the game from circulating online.

Have leaks and spoilers just become an inevitable part of video game releases?