Top 5 games of PlayStation Plus 2018

Posted on December 24, 2018

It’s been a fantastic year for Sony and PlayStation. God of War is renowned as The Game of the Year by many publications and a great year for PlayStation Plus subscribers. Looking forward to next year, subscribers may be looking at receiving The Order 1886Horizon: Zero Dawn or another Yakuza title.

Either way, it’s undoubtedly true that Sony fans are spoiled each month with a large group of freebies to keep them occupied.  Let’s take a walk through memory lane and look at five of 2018’s BEST free game offerings from PlayStation Plus.


This underrated 2D platformer initially released in January 2018 and is one of December 2018’s freebies for PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 4. Metroidvania type gameplay and a mixture of exploring, combat, and environmental puzzles make this title great for platformer fans.

Protagonist Robin exists in a universe where One Concern, an evil cult, runs society with its hands in all authoritative systems. The group attempts to assassinate Robin for her altruistic actions,  forcing her to flee only to return to take down the overlord worship. The narrative only grows incredibly bizarre from there, driving players through a wild journey.

Despite some concerns with backtracking and cutscenes, Iconoclasts is an amazing experience.  We rated it highly for its tight platforming puzzles, intriguing art style, and story it offers. For a freebie, its a no-brainer.

Iconoclasts PlayStation Plus

Yakuza Kiwami

12 years have passed since the legendary Kazuma Kiryu made his substantial debut on the PlayStation 2 in Yakuza. Yakuza Kiwami brings players back to the roots of the Yakuza series in this great remaster. Updated graphics, fixed bugs, and another time around the streets of Japan really make this one of PlayStation Plus’s best offerings of all-time.

Kazuma Kiryu is sent to prison for the framed murder of his family. Kiryu’s clan exiles him from the Yakuza and ¥10 billion goes missing from their treasury. Betrayal, underworld drama, reclamation, and honour drives Yakuza Kiwami’s incredible story. Mixed with classic Japanese gaming tropes it holds a strong place in many of our hearts. If you missed out on this one in November 2018, pick it up when you can.

Yakuza PlayStation Plus

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

Deus Ex is a powerful name in the world of first-person role-playing games. Featuring right at the top of the year in January 2018’s round-up, this Eidos Montréal title is invigorating and exciting. The newest entry to series to date is the smoothest and best looking in the series, removing most of the piss-yellow” filter of Human Revolution.

Two years after Human Revolution concludes in 2029, mankind is divided between normal humans and augmented beings. A tragic event called the “Aug Incident” has resulted in the segregation of the two and heated debate that prompts the age of the “mechanical apartheid”. Players control augmented double agent Adam Jensen, tasked with exposing the Illuminati, which is fuelling this dystopia.

Arguably not being as interesting narrative wise as it’s predecessor, it remains a great action-RPG with a sense of stealth and choice. Mankind Divided is often on a real deep sale, so pick it up if you haven’t played it yet.

Deus Ex PlayStation Plus


What can be said about Bloodborne that isn’t already known? The dark-fantasy, Victorian-era Dark Souls title is beautifully designed, time-absorbing, and satisfyingly difficult. Coming to all PlayStation Plus subscribers back in March 2018, the game delivered pretty much all you needed to play for the entire month and more.

Gameplay is centered on weapon combat and exploration. Battling gnarly and grotesque enemies, including werewolves, ghouls, and invisible demons, swords and firearms are your only hope. The lore and story encourage self-discovery, driving players to delve deeper into the environments and detail to figure out the mysteries of the game.

Honestly, if you haven’t already Bloodborne or missed it when it was free in March, it is a straight-up disservice. With Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice coming up very soon, you better pick it up and start learning the mechanics now.

Bloodborne PlayStation Plus

Rayman Legends

Rayman Legends is a whimsical and vividly beautiful platformer from Ubisoft Montpellier. As part of Plus’s May 2018 group of gamesLegends is the perfect couch co-op experience for anyone.  The characters are well-designed and environments all have a distinct flavour that makes them memorable. Levels differ in colour, enemies, and platforming and every world ends with a fun and creative musical stage.

Taking place one century after Rayman Origins, Rayman, Globox and the Teensies are back. They must work together to rescue the lands and captured allies from the nightmares of the Dark Teensies. Collecting lums, Teensies, and a whole lot more to pick-up and unlock along the way, there is no shortage of content.

It may be the best platformer of this generation, and it was free for all of us to enjoy. Grab your friends, your kids, or play it by yourself for a playful story and game.

Rayman Legend PlayStation Plus

Now, time will tell if 2019 will deliver in the free games department. January 2019’s PlayStation Plus reveal should be coming to us on Boxing Day, 26 December. Keep tuned to find out how Sony will be treating us in the new year.