Free games for PlayStation, Xbox and PC subscribers in April

Posted on April 3, 2019

Happy April! New month, new free games for PlayStation Plus, Xbox Live, Humble Monthly, Epic Games and Twitch Prime subscribers! With so many subscription options, the definition of “free” is starting to lose all meaning, but hey, it’s the thought that counts.

PlayStation Plus 

  • Conan Exiles
    It’s a brutal online game where you battle both the elements and other players to survive, but you probably know it as that game where you can choose the size of your character’s private parts.
  • The Surge
    Upgrade your exo-suit to take down out-of-control robots. A colourful, sci-fi take on Dark Souls, with a sequel reportedly coming later this year.

Free games for April: The Surge

Xbox Games With Gold

  • Xbox One
    • Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2 (available until April 15)
      Technically one of March’s free games, it’s still available for a couple more weeks.
    • The Technomancer (available April 1 – 30)
      This sci-fi RPG came out in 2016. In our review, we liked the plot and the character abilities, and…not much else. But it’s free!
    • Outcast: Second Contact (available April 16 – 30)
      The 2017 remake of a 1999 action-adventure game. Explore a big open world,  talk to NPCs, shoot some baddies, you know the drill.

Free games for April: Outcast Second Contact

  • Xbox One and Xbox 360
    • Star Wars Battlefront II (available April 1 – 15)
      This is the 2005 game, not the 2017 game with the exact same title. This is also the third month in a row to feature a Star Wars game for the 360, so let’s see if the trend continues into May.
    • Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 (available April 16 – 30)
      A 2007 stealth shooter which takes place in the then-distant future of 2014. I’m kind of curious to see how much they got right.

Humble Monthly

  • Northgard
    A viking-inspired real time strategy game with a gorgeous art style. According to our review, you get to join something called the Goat Clan, so that’s enough incentive for me.
  • Mutant: Year Zero
    A turn-based tactics game set in a post-apocalyptic world, and starring a talking boar and a talking duck. It sounds like the plot of a Saturday morning cartoon if it wasn’t so brooding. We’ve got a review of this as well, if it takes your fancy.
  • Absolver Downfall
    Both the original game (which we loved in our review) as well as its Downfall DLC. A short but stylish action game with an insane amount of ability customisation.
  • Minit
    Our review describes it as “a unique and interesting adventure game whose gimmick really puts a new spin on the genre”. It also mentions the protagonist is an “unnamed duck person”. Need I say more.
  • More mystery games to be revealed soon

Epic Games

  • Oxenfree (available until April 4)
    A story-based adventure game featuring a unique dialogue system as well as copious amounts of teen angst.
  • The Witness (available April 4 – 18)
    The first-person puzzle game that will definitely have you doing those line puzzles in your sleep, I swear.

Twitch Prime (all available April 1  – 30)

  • Her Story
    The award winning mystery game that turns sorting through video tags into a tense whodunnit.
  • InnerSpace
    A relaxing game about flying around a mysterious world that our review called “a great way to wind down before bed.”
  • Joggernauts
    A cute side-scrolling platformer about switching places with your running partner to defeat enemies. Can be played in co-op if you ever wanted to switch bodies with a friend.
  • Keep in Mind: Remastered
    Another story-based game, this looks a bit like Undertale but seems to deal with more adult themes.

Free games for April: Keep In Mind

That’s so many games! Let us know which ones you’re the most excited for, and what you’d like to see in May. With all these subscriptions services, you better be getting your money’s worth.