Dragon Quest Builders 2 is the Footloose of building games

Posted on June 17, 2019

Dragon Quest Builders 2 is finally coming to our shores 12 July 2019.  An all-new playful gameplay trailer from E3 2019 showcases an abundance of fun features that players can expect.

The video begins with a beautiful animation explaining the story. An evil and uncool cult called The Children of Hargon have banned all inhabitants of the region from building. Yes, that includes crafting, structuring, smelting, and erecting. Not to fear, the player doesn’t take kindly to destructive beings telling them what to do. In a very Footloose fashion, you and up to three friends will dig, build, and decorate to heart’s content in rebellion.

A new companion named Malroth joins the cause. They help fight monsters and foes, provide tips and tricks, and aid with quests. Accomplishing a new goal ends with the player and Malroth jumping into the air for a celebratory high-five. For those playing solo, a new sidekick is a saving grace. Although,  Dragon Quest veterans may foresee an unwelcome twist down the line…

dragon quest builders 2 image sceenshot art trailer e3 2019 gameplay omi k

But we did build. We built our asses off…

Dragon Quest Builders 2  focuses on harvesting, auto-systems, and other maintenance mechanics. Players will be tasked by NPCs, or simply by their own accord, to build farms and roads for villagers. E3 previews state the game feels less like Minecraft and more like Stardew Valley or Harvest Moon. With such a vivid and lighthearted art style and concept, who wouldn’t be excited?

This time around, developers Omega Force are behind Dragon Quest Builders 2. The name will sound familiar due to their astounding work on the Dynasty Warriors series. It seems like they are doing everything in their power to make the sequel bigger and better than the last. From their work experience, that’s their bread and butter.

dragon quest builders 2 image sceenshot art trailer e3 2019 gameplay omi k

The colourful Dragon Quest Builders 2 will release in Australia 12 July for the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4. It’s already currently available in Japan to positive reviews. Keep an eye on this happy and relaxing game hitting shelves very soon.