Nutaku announces investment fund for LGBTQ+ games

Posted on July 2, 2019

Nutaku, a site dedicated to distributing video games of the more adult-oriented variety, has announced a $US5 million investment fund for LGBTQ+-themed games. The program will be spread out over the course of three years. Keep in mind that all links to Nutaku are fairly NSFW.

“The new investment portfolio is born out of the flourishing number of adult gamers who identify with the LGBTQ+ community, empowering diversity within the adult gaming world,” states Nutaku’s communications manager Julie Hall. “Resonating enthusiasm amongst gamers and game developers alike, Nutaku stimulates the creation of a space to build and support a diverse selection of high quality adult titles.”

Adult-oriented games have been a major way that developers have appealed to the queer community. Mainstream games with LBGTQ+ content are often censored, or otherwise have struggled to gain mass appeal. Recent AAA games have been better about producing more inclusive representation. These include games like Assassin’s Creed Odyssey and Stardew Valley, which allow players to take part in same-sex romance sidequests. However, the market of LGBTQ+ content is still not as robust as it could be, to the extent that it was only less than two weeks ago that Steam got an LGBTQ+ tag for its search bar.


Last October, Nutaku launched a separate section on its site for LGBTQ+ games. It included separate sections for Gay, Lesbian and Transgender content. The LGBTQ+ section is now home to over 40 games. These include games like Cockville, an adult gay farming sim that was recently added to the site. The fund will also help developers release inclusive versions of their titles. This has already led to two of Nutaku’s most popular games, Fap CEO and Booty Farm, receiving gay versions.

Furthermore, from June 25-July 2, all proceeds of LGBTQ+ games will be donated to The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Community Center. There will also be special deals on LGBTQ+ games during this period, as well as a limited edition Nutaku Pride Collection at the Nutaku merch store.

It’s definitely good to see more investment in queer content. Queer gamers who are into more adult fare now have more options to choose from than ever.  If that’s your thing, Nutaku will be home to more inclusive titles in the future.