THQ Nordic tease new Saints Row, Timesplitters & more

Posted on August 15, 2019

THQ Nordic have just given us some big scoops on in the works projects through their most recent Financial Report. This also includes some exciting announcements on even previously highly dormant franchises.

Starting us off we have confirmation of a brand new Saints Row game. It’ll be the first fully fledged sequel since 2013’s Saints Row IV, though our last look at our Steelport favourites was in 2015’s Gat Out Of Hell. “Volition is deep in development of a brand-new Saints Row game, the first full entry in this much loved series since Saints Row IV was released in 2013,” the report reads.

THQ Nordic

We also have word of some TimeSplitters(!!!) related news. THQ Nordic’s studio Deepsilver has acquired the TimeSplitters franchise. They did so last year and have also been working closely with one of the series’ creators at how best to continue the series. “Last year Deep Silver acquired the much-loved TimeSplitters IP. We’re delighted to announce that one of the series’ creators, Steve Ellis, has joined us to help plot the future course for this franchise,” one of the key parts of the financial report states.

These are two big projects but still are only a small portion of what THQ Nordic has in the works. If this wasn’t enough for you to process, THQ Nordic have assured that Dead Island 2 is still in the works only with a new developer (again). They also casually announced that a new Metro game is already in the works. This is quite surprising too, considering the game’s mixed reviews.

Metro Exodus, published by one of THQ Nordic's teams, Deepsilver

At E3 we got news of three new projects: A remaster of both SpongeBob – Battle for Bikini Bottom and Destroy all Humans! as well as a new Darksiders game titled Darksiders Genesis, a diablo-esque dungeon crawler.

Add all this up and it seems like THQ Nordic has quite the plate on their hands. As per the financial report they’ve stated that two AAA games will be released from THQ Nordic by March 2021. Only time will tell which titles these are.  All of this is quite an impressive feat really, when you consider the previous THQ name. Let’s hope they pull this all off.