Bravely Default 2 surprisingly announced from Square Enix

Posted on December 13, 2019

The Game Awards are a gift that keeps on giving, and we just got a super exciting new announcement. Bravely Default 2 has been officially announced to come to the Nintendo Switch next year, you can view the trailer below.

This new title will also include brand new music from the composer of the original, Revo.

The first game was a 3DS exclusive JRPG that released back in 2012 and received critical acclaim for its story and gameplay upon release. Slightly confusing, its sequel Bravely Second came out afterwards, and now Bravely Default 2 is the third game in the series. Got it?

I am excited to see what the increased power of the Switch will allow the developers to add to this new instalment, especially after the beautiful results the same producers managed to create last year with Octopath Traveler.

Bravely Default 2 is currently slated to be released sometime in 2020, with a more concrete release date to be announced at a later time.