Let’s Prevent Cancer by busting Mavericks!

Posted on January 28, 2020

Ready to do some good? The Mega Man community is coming together to raise funds for the Prevent Cancer Foundation, all while blasting baddies and looking good doing it. To the hunt!

The Prevent Cancer Foundation, sponsored by the Maverick Hunters

Following the ever-increasing success of events like Awesome Games Done Quick, which has raised millions of dollars in fund-raising over its existence, a prominent Mega Man fan and community contributor has decided to take their own swing at fighting the good fight. ShadowRockZX, known within the fandom for his Lets’ Plays and news collating, will be hosting a 2 day livestreaming event in order to raise money for the Prevent Cancer Foundation. Take a look at the announcement video below:

The event will begin here in Australia on Sunday, February 2nd at 5am (converted from CST), and will be a speedrunning showcase of the following titles:

Day One (Feb 2nd, 5am):

  • Mega Man X – 100%
  • Mega Man Maverick Hunter X – X and Vile 100%
  • Mega Man X2 – 100%
  • Mega Man X3 – 100%
  • Mega Man Xtreme – 100%
  • Mega Man Xtreme 2 – Any%
  • Mega Man X4 – Zero 100% then X 100%


Day Two (Feb 3rd, 5am):

  • Mega Man X5 – Any%
  • Mega Man X6 – Any% with Black Zero
  • Mega Man X7 – New Game +
  • Mega Man X8 – New Game + (Hard)
  • Mega Man X Legacy Collection – X Challenge (Normal)
  • Mega Man X Command Mission – Any% with glitched route


X and Zero have their work cut out for them, so the more people who watch and donate, the better!

The Prevent Cancer Foundation thrives on community outreach, human and reploid

YOU can help stop cancer!

Events like these are all about doing some good and ensuring that no one gets left behind because of a sickness beyond their control, and while I can imagine that many of us have been giving what we can to our local fire fighters, I encourage anyone who can afford it to continue giving in order to combat this disease.

A herculean undertaking such as this needs all the support it can get, so if you can help in any way, by spreading the word or even just lending an ear to those who need one, then you’re another soldier in the fight against cancer.

Direct donations can be made here. Good luck, hunters!