Civilization VI is free on the Epic Games Store

Posted on May 24, 2020

Continuing a trend of releasing absolutely mammoth titles to PC players, Epic Games is currently offering strategy behemoth Civilization VI for free to anyone who has installed the Epic Games Store. You can now download, install, and keep this world-domination-simulator for the grand price of zero dollars if you grab it over the next few days.

The sixth entry into the franchise introduced a number of systemic overhauls at launch, which have since been tweaked with each new iteration. Changes in research methods, city expansion, and enemy AI led to a more procedural and dynamic game than previous entries. The series’ core 4X gameplay, however, is absolutely still at the forefront of all design decisions. Callbacks to the franchise’s history (such as Ghandi’s obsession with nuclear weapons) also give Civilization VI a lovely sense of nostalgia for veterans of the series.

Following its launch in 2016 Civilization VI has remained a celebrated entry into the franchise, with players addicted to the classic “just-one-more-turn” style of gameplay. Console releases have allowed the game to maintain relevance. The prolific modding community on PC and the release of DLC have also contributed to the strategy epic’s continued momentum.

Civilization VI

The free games provided on the Epic Games Store have been a unique boon to the platform’s users, who were recently similarly blessed with a free copy of Grand Theft Auto V. Considering the calibre of games that Epic are throwing out willy-nilly, it’s difficult to justify not immediately downloading their storefront. 

What do you think about Epic’s latest freebie? Will the delicious strategic carrot of Civilization VI be enough to persuade you to jump on the Epic Games Store bandwagon? if it is, make sure you pick it up before Friday where the freebie will change to something else!

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