Marvel’s Avengers War Table livestream delivers exciting new gameplay info

Posted on June 25, 2020

Marvel’s Avengers War Table livestream presented fans with some exciting details about the upcoming game. The presentation included new gameplay footage, new trailers and further insights into the move sets of each character.

The game, which publisher Square Enix announced this week will be available on next-gen as well as current gen consoles, is set in San Francisco on A-Day. A-Day was meant to be a celebration and unveiling of a second San Fran headquarters, however, tragedy struck. A severe terrorist attack occurred that left the city ravaged and Captain America dead. Blamed for the destruction of the city and the lives lost, the Avengers part ways. Five years after A-Day, San Fransisco has been rebuilt and is now being controlled by A.I.M, a science-based organisation. Superheroes are now outlawed and seen as villains. However, Kamala Khan (Ms. Marvel) has discovered her own superpowers and has evidence to prove that the Avengers were set-up. It’s time for her and the other Avengers to join forces, avenge Captain America’s death and discover who was behind the tragic events of A-Day.

Now that you’re up to date on the main storyline, here is all the new info from the livestream:

  • M.O.D.O.C is the game’s central villain. He first appeared in an Iron Man/Captain America comic in 1967. Dr. George Tarleton was a founding member of A.I.M who has become so obsessed with showing the world that superheros are evil, that he becomes M.O.D.O.C. (Mental Organism Designed Only for Killing)
  • Hero Missions will focus on one Avenger and be separate from the main story campaign.
  • Combo attacks and signature attacks will be unique for each Avenger. All these combos and attacks have been sourced from Marvel comics and movies.
  • Skill trees are pretty heft for each Avenger. These will unlock further combos and attacks.
  • Each Avenger will have three Heroic movies. These are assault, ultimate and support.
  • There’s a big emphasis on “Playing your way.” The game offers melee, ranged, ground or aerial focused combat skills. You can choose which skills to level up, making your Avenger unique and fit with your play style.
  • Dozens of unique outfits are available for each character. These have been modeled, as the combat has, on Marvel comics and movies. You can attain these by completing missions and deciphering patterns.



  • War zones are missions that let you to play with up to four players, or solo with an AI companion team made up of your unlocked and leveled Avengers.
  • Whilst playing through the campaign, you will have the opportunity to upgrade your helicarrier, which is your flying base.
  • You will work with different factions that have rebelled against A.I.M. This will open up new missions and access to more powerful gear.
  • New characters, missions and stories will be added once the game is released at no additional cost to the player.


Marvel’s Avengers was set to release initially on May 27, 2020 but was delayed, and is now scheduled to release on September 4.