Min Min from ARMS starts off Super Smash Season 2

Posted on June 23, 2020

That’s right, after a long wait to see who would be the first character to be introduced in the next Super Smash Bros. Fighter Pass, the noodle-armed brawler Min Min of ARMS has been confirmed for the game! Anyone else craving Maggi right now?

Director Masahiro Sakurai revealed the new fighter via a quarantine-friendly broadcast in the wee hours of the morning, where we also got to see his gaming setup. Take a look at her debut trailer while I go and boil some water.

Min Min for the win win

And add the flavour sachet… oh *ahem,* moving on. This martial artist of ramen mettle looks to be another fun addition to the roster, making full use of her springy limbs to cover a wide range with a multitude of different Arms to use. Both Arms can be controlled and aimed individually, giving her some great control of the space around her; good luck using a knife against noodles!

Min Min and her dragon kin kin

Prior to Min Min’s reveal, we had known for some time that the next fighter to enter the brawl would be from the ARMS franchise, which of course led to rampant speculation as to who would make the cut. The possibility of Spring Man getting promoted from an assist trophy to a full slot crossed plenty of fans’ minds during the long wait, as this would have opened the flood gates for even MORE speculation down the line. Better luck next game, Shadow.

And some new skin skin!

I think I burned my tongue… Uh, anyway, alongside the new fighter we have some new Mii Fighter costumes to look forward to! The following characters are getting the dressup treatment:

  • Ninjara from ARMS
  • Heihachi from Tekken
  • Callie from Splatoon
  • Marie from Splatoon
  • Vault Boy from Fallout

That last one is another pleasant surprise along the likes of Sans and Cup Head. Plus it’s being handled by Nintendo, so it’ll actually work!

Min Min has brought some friends!

Min Min and the new costumes will be coming to Smash on June 30, so we don’t have too much longer to wait for a new fighter. No word on who’s next for now, so you’ll have plenty of time to enjoy the new content that’s coming in the new update. Fingers crossed that by the time we get another reveal, we’ll be able to go outside!