Melbourne International Games Week 2020 kicks off a week of celebration

Posted on October 5, 2020

Each and every year, Melbourne International Games Week (MIGW) connects gamers and the games industry for a week long celebration of all things video games. In fact it’s touted as “Asia Pacific’s largest digital games celebration” with a huge array of happenings including panels, talks, conferences, networking opportunities, activities, awards, events and games to be played! This year looks a little different from past years, with the entire Melbourne International Games Week 2020 event going online. Although there’s still plenty to do for gamers and members of the industry alike.

Starting on Saturday October 3rd and running until the 11th, the Games Week celebrations are certainly well underway. So what better way to get involved than to highlight just some of the amazing activities taking place! For those who are yet to dip their toes into Games Week, I can’t think of a better way to start than to check out the MIGW Augmented Reality filter created by the incredibly talented Marc-O-Matic who you may know from his Moving Marvels creation!

Once you’ve created your very own MIGW avatar I would highly recommend heading to the MIGW website to take a gander at all the exciting things happening throughout the week. Events such as Parallels and the Nordic Games Discovery Contest will be two of my most anticipated events, although I am a glutton for new, unique, and sometimes odd indie games. MIGW20 At the Table has all the tabletop gamers covered. And Restart the World is a fascinating look at a time post lockdown. Then you’ve got events such as the ACMI Women and Non-Binary Gamers Club providing a safe space and doing some amazing things for diversity within the gaming world!

Those following Checkpoint may have already heard our talk on High Score or seen the nominations for the Australian Game Developer Awards 2020. You may have also heard our live broadcast that just went up where we chat with Fran Kerlin from Creative Victoria all about the event! Honestly there’s so much happening it can be a little hard to keep up. Although rest assured there’s going to be something exciting for everybody who has even the slightest of interest in gaming, game development, or the local game scene!

We also have to give a big shoutout to Checkpoint’s very own Sam Harkin and the rest of the team at Umbrella Party who are showcasing their game Miska at this year’s Feedback Forums!

The Australian Game Developer Awards as part of Melbourne International Games Week 2020

Have you started engaging in the Melbourne International Games Week 2020 fun? What event are you most looking forward to?