Thomas Was Alone and John Wick Hex from Bithell Games are hitting the Switch

Posted on October 10, 2020

With The Solitaire Conspiracy now out in fans’ hands earlier this week, developer Bithell Games have shown no signs of stopping. Both the studio’s original darling, Thomas Was Alone, and the more recent John Wick Hex, have been announced to be coming to new platforms.

First up is John Wick Hex. Originally releasing exclusively on the Epic Games Store, it took a more tactical approach when it came to adapting the popular film franchise into a video game format. It reviewed quite well here at Checkpoint, and also later saw a release on PlayStation 4 earlier this year. Now, the ‘watch your steps, make every bullet count’ type shooter will be hitting Steam, Xbox and the Nintendo Switch. It’ll come digitally, with a retail run (as of yet uncertain in Aussie stores) on December 4th.

In the more shocking, ‘I can’t believe it wasn’t already on this platform’ news, Thomas Was Alone will also be seeing a debut on a platform. The 2D narrative puzzle game about a series of colourful rectangles and squares is hitting the Nintendo Switch. How is that not already a thing? Even old Mike Bithell himself acknowledges this, stating “it’s past time, let’s be honest,” when announcing the news of the games Q1 2021 release on Twitter.

There you have it, some more stellar indies for your Switch. If you’re remotely an indie lover, I implore you to check out some of the Bithell Games catalogue. Let’s hope The Solitaire Conspiracy will be coming to Switch next!