Zero Latency opens in Sydney to make all your VR dreams come true

Posted on December 23, 2020

With 2020 being filled with unprecedented times, news that the first Zero Latency VR venue to open in Sydney is just what the doctor ordered. Now you can forget that we’re living in a weird pandemic riddled world and escape with your mates in one of Latency’s virtual worlds.

What is super duper impressive and cool about these virtual worlds is that you and up to seven mates can physically walk around a 200 square meter room without wires. Instead of being wired up like most VR experiences, a backpack will track your movements and a controller will help you interact with the world around you. Communication wise, you’ll wear a VR headset that has built-in microphones and speakers that will allow you to chat with your teammates.

There are a number of games on offer that you and your team can rip through, including Undead Arena, a reality TV show that is televised “live” that will make you a star or be devoured by zombies. Either way, you’re a winner! Or Singularity, a Sci-Fi shooter that is set on a space station riddled with robots. You and your squad must work through the tiny corridors, zero-gravity environment and fight them robots to get out in one piece! For Far Cry fans there will also be a Far Cry VR experience that is coming in 2021.

Also, Zero Latency VR is very COVID safe, with the team having always “performed sanitation and disinfection of all gear before and after each session” have now introduced “safety alarms in our games to keep players 1.5 meters apart throughout their experience.” So you’ll feel super safe whilst you play.

If VR isn’t your thang but you know someone who will dig it, there are also gift vouchers available through the venue’s website. Seeing as Zero Latency VR has venues overseas too, you can choose your country and get your mate in the US, or parts of Asia or Europe a very cool Xmas pressie.

Zero Latency VR Sydney

Zero Latency VR Sydney is located at 219 O’Riordan Street, Mascot and you can book your tickets now right here. Tickets are $59 from Tuesday-Thursday and $69 Friday-Sunday.