Fortnite debuts new Primal theme for Chapter Two Season 6

Posted on March 17, 2021

Fortnite players rejoice, season six is here! The fifth season sure was a long one and all players have done their fair share of sand tunneling, but now the sand’s all gone as well. After a particularly glorious cinematic bridge for the battle royale seasons’ narratives, the island has gone primal. See the trailer cinematic below if you want to see all the action unfold.

Notably, the Mandolorian doesn’t appear in the cinematic so obviously, he must’ve been busy with the child when all this was going down. That said Bonesy sure was, once again, the hero we didn’t know we needed. His skin in the trailer and in the new battle pass looks to feature some of the Mandalorians’ armor pieces.

The Update

After players update the game you’ll see the above cinematic before it leads into a playable prologue. This sequence was a less on-rails experience than past events and gave players a zero-point device to close the portals while the mysterious Foundation NPC tries to pull the zero-point back together. Returning players might also find Foundation familiar. It seems Fortnite is looping us back to the events of chapter one. We’re at the halfway point of chapter two so it’s no wonder why the battle royale is starting to ramp up the action.

This season features some drastic changes to the game such as a new weapon upgrading system, new weapon makeshift grades, the removal of sand tunneling, NPC health bars, NPC animals, and a fresh battle pass for players to work through. Players have till June 8th to complete the battle pass and unlock all associated rewards for the season. Fortnite isn’t messing around this season, the new Primal theme is impressive and features some of the biggest changes of any season so far. Long-time players will find the new changes quite foreign but even I was surprised at how easily I got the hang of the new mechanics with some persistence. I even scored a victory royale!

The Updated Fortnite Map

Fortnite Battle Royale Primal

The new map features the removal of the large central sand area, which has been replaced by a large spire area from the opening cinematic. The new autumn vibe is wonderful and makes the game feel very fresh when you visit those sections. The main map additions are the 7 spire areas. Be careful though, at each, there’s an NPC with a new teleporting ability.

The Battle Pass

I’ll say right off the bat, I am very excited by this season’s battle pass. Not only are we being treated to an iconic Lara Croft skin, but also a Raven skin from Teen Titans. The original skins this season also feel more lively than last season’s skins. There’s even a humanoid chicken for those who crave those chicken dinner wins.

Fortnite Battle Royale Primal

If you’ve never played Fortnite, there’s no better time to join the fun. The battle royale game is free to play on PC, Switch, Xbox and PlayStation and even features cross-platform play. Sadly, friends on mobile still aren’t able to play. I’d say now is even a perfect time to jump back in if you stopped playing previously; the changes this season feel fresh and quite intuitive. Primal really wants to take us back to the roots of Fortnite. Hope to see you in the game lobbies soon!