Oculus Showcase 2021 – All the big news

Posted on April 22, 2021

We keep saying it; Oculus, specifically the Oculus Quest 2, have been making massive moves over the last few months since the device launched at the end of 2020. Just take a look at a sample of titles we’ve covered in our VR Corner for a taste of some of the great games they have on the wireless system. Today, Oculus Showcase 2021 showed off some exciting announcements for the future, with game reveals, trailers, big game updates and more.

While a lot of what was shown is stuff that we already knew about, it’s still exciting to see it all come together. Let’s get stuck in – and you can watch the whole showcase right here.

Resident Evil 4 on Oculus Quest 2 is launching later this year

While this was announced last week in anticipation of the event, the news that Resident Evil 4 is hitting Oculus Quest 2 as an exclusive – the first exclusive the platform has seen – is huge. We saw another taste of the VR RE4, and it looks great. From what we can tell, the transition to first person looks good, and we can’t wait to check it out when the game launches later in 2021.

After the Fall reveals gameplay, coming soon

The much anticipated zombie follow-up from Vertigo Games, after they hit big success with the fun (but kind of janky) Arizona Sunshine. Easily one of the most iconic VR titles ever, all eyes have been on these talented zombie-loving developers, and After the Fall looks to be a much more polished – and much more serious – take on the zombie shooter experience.

Designed to be played co-op, After the Fall looks to take cues from titles like Left 4 Dead, with a darker style and multiplayer madness as hordes of the undead come after you. “Right from the start, our biggest goal with After the Fall has been to deliver VR gamers a 1980s-inspired post-apocalyptic co-op shooter romp for them to take on together with friends – regardless of the platforms they play on – and we can’t wait to hear what players will think of the first glimpse at the action gameplay we’ve revealed today,” said Trevor Blom, Technical Director at Vertigo Games. “Each of the VR platforms that After the Fall is developed for comes with its own opportunities and challenges, and having added Oculus Quest into the mix with uncompromised gameplay is a technical achievement that I am incredibly proud of.”

Definitely a highlight of the Oculus Showcase, we’re super excited, and the game is set for release Summer 2021 (which is June-August for us here in Australia)!

Lone Echo II launching soon as well

Jack and Liv will return in the hugely anticipated sequel Lone Echo II, also launching Summer 2021 (Jun-Aug). It’s launching on the Rift Platform and for those playing on the Quest Platform with Oculus Link or the newly announced Air Link.

“With all your favourite mechanics from Lone Echo, the sequel returns you to the rings of Saturn to explore an expansive zero-g world, use high-tech tools to overcome challenges, and uncover the mysteries of the far future.” Sounds great to us!

Carve Snowboarding announced, from the team that made 1080° Snowboarding

Yep, remember 1080° Snowboarding on Nintendo 64? Well that creator, Giles Goddard, is back with the team at Chuhai Labs, to bring you a modern take on this classic snowboarding title. Not much is known about Carve Snowboarding yet, but more information is promised in the coming months – check out the gameplay footage below!

Beyond that, a trailer for the newly released Wraith: The Oblivion – Afterlife was shown off; check out our full thoughts on that one in the coming days as we have been getting stuck in ourselves. We also got a sneak peek at espionage puzzler I Expect You To Die 2, behind the scenes of Star Wars Pinball VR and Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge Part II, a multiplayer update for Warhammer 40k: Battle Sister, information on the expansion pack for The Climb 2, and last but not least, a huge update for the popular (and awesome) Pistol Whip, including The Concierge, which will unlock total customisation for Pistol Whip players.

Needless to say, the Oculus platform is not messing around in 2021. Which of these announcements from the Oculus Showcase has you the most excited?