Dragon Age series reportedly in development at Netflix

Posted on July 28, 2021

Streaming giant Netflix is reportedly “in active development” with a television series based on Dragon Age. The report comes from a “trusted and proven source” via Giant Freakin Robot, however nothing has been officially confirmed by Netflix or series developer BioWare so far.

Dragon Age is one of BioWare’s most popular intellectual properties, spanning three games with a fourth on the way. The series has already been adapted into another medium before, with the anime film Dragon Age: Dawn of the Seeker released in 2012 to provide an origin story for companion Cassandra Pentaghast. With the success of recent Netflix video game adaptations, such as Castlevania, The Witcher and Dragon’s Dogma, choosing Dragon Age as their next project is a no-brainer.

There are plenty of avenues that a television series could go down when adapting the Dragon Age universe. It may be a direct adaptation of the plot of one of the games, or potentially a totally new story. It is also not clear if it will be animated or live-action; based on Netflix’s past adaptations, either could be likely. After a dearth of new information about a new mainline entry, a Netflix series may sate fans’ desires for more content.

This isn’t the only recent news of a Netflix project based on a popular video game franchise. A live-action Pokémon has also been recently confirmed, with Lucifer showrunner Joe Henderson executive producing. This Dragon Age series is still technically a rumour at the moment. Such a project would have a lot of potential, and hopefully some kind of official confirmation before long.