Respawn Entertainment is at war with fed up fans and hackers

Posted on July 7, 2021

It’s been a bit of a rough period for Respawn Entertainment who have been battling distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks and hackers within their online multiplayer releases. In fact, the talented development studio is in a bit of a weird battle with their own fans after Titanfall 2 players hacked the Apex Legends servers in an attempt to show their disdain for the state of Titanfall 2, a game that has been ripe with hackers and DDosing for a while now without much visibly done to solve the issues. This has resulted in some disgruntled communication from Respawn staff, frustrated that these planned attacks are not helping in any way and are only forcing staff to work unwanted hours.

Ryan K. Rigney, Director of Communications at Respawn, took to Twitter to reiterate that the Titanfall 2 problems are known with the team working on solutions, and also to lambast those who attacked Apex Legends.

It’s a shame things have had to reach this point where gamers feel the need to attack one game in order to send a message about another. Obviously we don’t condone DDoS attacks but I do also feel bad for the legitimate gamers who are just wanting to play Titanfall 2 but are instead met with instability and hacking for months on end without a solution in sight.

There’s no real winners to this story with the devs working overtime to fix rampant problems only exacerbated by the actions of frustrated players. Online stability and anti-cheat technology are absolutely crucial for any big developer who wants to get into the competitive online space and at this stage it feels like Respawn are falling short. Hopefully solutions can be found.