Cult of the Lamb is a satanic collab between a Melbourne dev and Devolver

Posted on August 26, 2021

It’s hard to ignore a new release from indie publishing label Devolver Digital who just so happens to have released two of my favourite games this year, Death’s Door and Loop Hero! Even more exciting is that their newly announced game, Cult of the Lamb, is being made by Melbourne developer Massive Monster who had previously released The Adventure Pals back in 2018.

Cult of the Lamb looks all kind of bonkers. There’s the adorable side of things, where you can collect resources and build a thriving little village for your adorable animal friends. And then there is the darker side of things, where you build your own cult, perform satanic rituals, and cleanse the world of “non-believers”.

The gameplay looks like a bit of a mix between Animal Crossing and a dungeon-crawler. You’ll head out from your cosy village full of your followers and into a randomly generated world to explore the secrets of the five mysterious regions around you. You’ll also get into combat using what looks to be a mixture between sword combat and spells. Your ultimate goal will be to rid the world of false prophets and to grow your own following.

It’s an interesting concept for a game release and one we’re excited to see more of. Cult of the Lamb is expected to arrive next year. You can check it out on Steam or on the official website.