MIGW Steam Festival showcases Melbourne made indies

Posted on October 1, 2021

Dozens upon dozens of Melbourne developed games have taken the front and centre stage of Steam this week. This is in celebration of MIGW (Melbourne International Games Week) which typically occurs this time of year. MIGW Steam Festival is the name of the event and is run in collaboration with Creative Victoria. It features five days of locally made goodness. Get keen.

MIGW Steam Festival will host plenty of things to sink your teeth into. Sales of Australian made games will be expected while new updates and demos on yet to be released titles will also make an appearance. The event will host upwards of 80+ games. This includes Wayward StrandHeavenly Bodies, Completely Stretchy and Uncomfortably Sticky, Broken Roads, Trash and more!

Livestreams and discussions between developers and games industry folk will also occur throughout the event. Benjamin Ee, the art director of Summerfall Studios’ upcoming Chorus: An Adventure Musical and Izzy Gramp, an individual working on a comedic episodic adventure game by the name of Intergalactic Space Princess are just some of the talent you’ll see.

The MIGW Steam Festival is live now and runs until the early hours of October 5. It’s great to see locally made games take the big stage across the monolith that is Steam. Exposure on that scale is important. If the event at all interests you, check it out here and enjoy some great local talent!