Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League has been delayed

Posted on March 24, 2022

It has been confirmed that Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League has fallen victim to the now all too common fate of being delayed. There wasn’t much else shared other than the news that this title will instead be coming sometime in Spring 2023.

The writing was already on the wall for some as a tweet from Warnermedia CEO Jason Kilar regarding their 2022 lineup mysteriously did not include Kill the Justice League despite it still being on track for a 2022 release at the time.

Sefton Hill, the founder of Rocksteady Studios revealed and confirmed what we feared with the news in a recent tweet that they have made a “difficult decision” resulting in the game being delayed to “Spring 2023”. Sefton also notes that he understands “a delay is frustrating”, but the extra time will be used to ensure they are “making the best game we can”. More delays are not ruled out as we are only provided with a release window, not a specific date, so it seems Rocksteady is still keeping their options open before announcing the official release date.

Delays are not always a bad thing. Whilst it does mean we have to wait longer to get our hands on the title, it could prove to be more worthwhile and save gamers from experiencing an unfinished or underbaked game, such as we have seen with the likes of the now-infamous Cyberpunk 2077. Kill the Justice League does have a lot riding on its shoulders though, coming from Rocksteady who popularised Batman in modern gaming with their Arkham series and the fact that this game is still set within the same universe, so more time in the oven is probably a good thing.

Gotham Knights from the studio that worked on Batman: Arkham Origins recently had its official release date revealed, so this should still be on track to launch as expected, which could tide you over until Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League releases sometime next year.