Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope confirmed for October 20 launch

Posted on June 28, 2022

Nintendo have just confirmed that Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope will be launching on October 20, 2022. Sequel to 2017’s Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, this XCOM-style strategy series mashes our favourite Mushroom Kingdom characters with Rayman’s Rabbids for goofy and approachable tactics gameplay. Announced almost exactly a year ago, this sequel got its most recent showing at the Nintendo Direct Mini: Partner Showcase where the release date was confirmed.

The game’s new trailer showcases an otherworldly threat looking to steal the energy from a new creature called a ‘Spark’. It’s up to Mario and his friends to save the universe. We get to see a bit more of the game’s turn-based battles, this time with a free movement option that looks interesting! On a character’s turn, they are able to freely move within a zone before setting up for an attack. This offers a bit more flexibility within the turn-based structure of battles, whilst also making the battlefield a little more lively with a feeling of real-time movement.

Seeing more of the combat and the way allies can team up is fun, as is seeing environmental hazards like bob-ombs in action. Perhaps most exciting is that Bowser himself will be joining the roster, not as an adversary, but as an ally! It’ll be great to see more of this game as we head quickly towards launch.

Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope will launch on October 20, 2022 to Nintendo Switch. Find out more on the game’s official website.