First-ever Grammy nominees for Video Game music announced

Posted on November 16, 2022

For the first time ever, there will be an award for video game music at the Grammys, and the nominations have been announced.

The category, formally called “Best Score Soundtrack for Video Games and Other Interactive Media”, includes some interesting additions to say the least. Check out the list:

Some of these certainly make a bit of sense, with Bear McReary and Austin Wintory often known for their immersive and brilliant music composition, but did anybody really have Aliens: Fireteam Elite on their bingo card for potentially winning a Grammy?

While this is the first time in history that the category exists, video game music has won some Grammys in the past, as they have been eligible for nominations in other categories since 1999. Perhaps most famously, Civilization theme Baba Yetu won the award for Best Instrumental Arrangement in 2011. Composer Christopher Tin is up for the gong again with Old World, so let’s see if he can add a second Grammy to his shelf.

Perhaps oddly but more recently, “Meta Knight’s Revenge” from 1996’s game Kirby Super Star won a Grammy last year for “the best arrangement, instrumental, or a cappella.” Austin Wintory has been nominated for a Grammy before, with the Journey soundtrack earning a nomination in 2012.

While the list is a bit of a weird one, what other video game music do you think was worthy of a Grammy nomination last year? I’m already thinking of some of the great soundtracks I’ve heard this year and concocting a list of nominees for the next round of nominations.

The full list of Grammy nominations is here, with the ceremony taking place on February 6, 2023.