Earthblade shown off, from creators of Celeste

Posted on December 9, 2022

Celeste was a massive hit for Maddy Thorson, who published it with Maddy Makes Games and it even won Best Independent Game and Games for Impact awards at The Game Awards 2018. Also nominated for Game of the Year as well. Well, with Extremely OK, Thorson’s new studio, we have a new game called Earthblade that had its premier trailer at this year’s Game Awards.

Initially teased last year, we finally get a good look of what’s in store for players.

Earthblade is a 2D “explor-action” game, with a pixel art form. You play as Névoa, a “child of fate” who is returning back to Earth. There’s seamless exploration, challenging combat and “countless mysteries to pick apart”. You find a ruined Earth, while there you’ll encounter friends and foe. Throughout you’ll have to figure out the history of Earth and what’s actually happened to it.

It currently has a release year of 2024, but you can wishlist it now on Steam!