Disney Speedstorm races onto Early Access next month

Posted on March 18, 2023

Disney Speedstorm, Disney’s free-to-play kart racer first revealed over a year ago, finally has an initial release date. Those who purchase the Founders Pack DLC will be able to play the game during the Early Access period, after which it will be free to play for all players.

Disney Speedstorm is Disney’s answer to arcadey kart racing games like Mario Kart and Crash Team Racing. In this case, players race against their friends as classic Disney characters from the company’s many animated and live action movies and shows, such as Mickey Mouse, Mulan and Jack Sparrow. Unlike many of its contemporaries, the game is going for a free-to-play business model, with characters and kart customisation options available for purchase.

Before the game is available for everyone, however, it is entering an Early Access period on PC and console. This Early Access version will only be playable for those who purchase one of the Founders Packs, of which there are three tiers. Developer Gameloft has confirmed that the content in the Founders Packs will be available for purchase later on for players when the game goes free-to-play. The exact length of the Early Access period is not confirmed yet, and Gameloft has stated that it will “depend on the feedback we collect from the community and our development speed.” This is similar to Gameloft’s other recent Disney co-production, Disney Dreamlight Valley, which is also in a paid Early Access state ahead of an eventual planned free-to-play launch.

Gameloft has seen a decent amount of success with Disney Dreamlight Valley over the last year, so expectations are high for Disney Speedstorm. The game will be available for players who purchase one of the Founders Packs from April 18th 2023 on PC, Nintendo Switch and both old and new generations of PlayStation and Xbox.