Aussie game Stray Gods is having a live online event tomorrow

Posted on April 12, 2023

It was announced last year that Summerfall Studios, co-headed by David Gaider of BioWare fame, is partnering with Humble Games to release their game Stray Gods. The game is a musical RPG where you take on the role of Grace who’s accused of murdering The Last Muse. In 2019, back when the game was called Chorus, they raised over $600,000 USD on crowdfunding platform Fig. But now as we get closer to the release date, Stray Gods is having a live event!

Australians will be able to check it out at 12pm AEST on April 13, it’ll be on the Critical Role Twitch account hosted by Troy Baker, one of the voice actors in the game. There will be cast reveals, a Q&A, and some live performances by musicians and some of the cast.

It’s a bit of a smart move to use the Critical Role Twitch account. Laura Bailey, the voice of Grace in Stray Gods, currently plays Imogen Temult in the live-play Dungeons and Dragons game. Not only that, but Critical Role also has a very large audience (1.2mil on Twitch & 1.96mil on YouTube). Having it on their Twitch account can bring more people in to discover Stray Gods. While Stray Gods doesn’t have an exact release date, it’s still set to come out this year. Is it on your wishlist yet?