Alan Wake 2 writes itself into an October 2023 release with gameplay reveal

Posted on May 25, 2023

Spooky season this year is officially sorted with the announcement of Alan Wake 2 releasing October 17. The sequel to the cult classic 2010 game looks to be finally coming to fruition as the game took centre stage in a PlayStation Showcase, showing off gameplay snippets for the first time.

Announced at The Game Awards in 2021, we’ve been hotly anticipating this Remedy release for quite some time now. Remedy is a studio known for its supernatural and mind-bending titles, including the likes of Control, so to see them properly revisit the criminally underrated Alan Wake is exciting, to say the least. Check out the new trailer below.

The sequel seems to play on the same premise as the first, with Alan Wake stuck within a story of his own writing. A killer targetting FBI agents is leaving notes to his victims, and notably, the gameplay reveal showed the player taking control of a different character who goes by the name ‘Saga’. It’s all happening within a small town called ‘Bright Falls’ and you get to see glimpses of that supernatural horror that will no doubt haunt our protagonists throughout the entire journey.

Alan Wake 2 is coming to PC via Epic Games Stores, Xbox Series X|S, and PlayStation 5 on October 17.