Queer Games Bundle returns for 2023 with over 300 games

Posted on June 1, 2023

The Queer Games Bundle, a long-running LGBTQ-led itch.io initiative focused on showcasing diverse games has returned for 2023. Kicking off Pride Month with a bang, players can get their hands on over 300 games, along with many zines, comic books and so much more.

Some of our hottest picks? The award-winning He Fucked The Girl Out Of Me is a short, incredible visual novel that follows stories about sex work, trans identity and trauma. Queer Man Peering into a Rockpool.jpg is a whimsy though emotional game made in Sydney by Fuzzy Ghost and features some striking Australian imagery. I enjoyed that title thoroughly. Pebble Witch, Fuzzy Ghost’s other game too is worth checking out if you’re after what they describe as an ‘rpg-ish, walking simulator-y, talking game.’

He Fucked The Girl Out Of Me still from the 2023 Queer Games Bundle

The Queer Games Bundle 2023 is available for $60USD, the price of one AAA game netting you over 300 delightful indies. For those that cannot afford it, you can also opt into the Pay What You Can deal which starts on a sliding scale from $10USD. These funds go to support the diverse creators directly.

With plenty of quality titles, along with even more to uncover for the first time and experience in their artful glory, The Queer Games Bundle 2023 is a fantastic initiative that you can check out here.