An official Stardew Valley cookbook is in the works

Posted on August 17, 2023

It’s been an eSport. It’s been a board game. Now, Stardew Valley is getting its own official cookbook, co-authored by Stardew Valley creator Eric “ConcernedApe” Barone himself. The book promises to provide directions for more than 50 real-life recipes inspired by the hit farming sim.

The listing for the Official Stardew Valley Cookbook book was first spotted on Amazon. According to the description, the cookbook “celebrates seasonal ingredients through unique recipes inspired by the game.” The book is divided into four chapters for each season, with iconic recipes from the game featured, such as Crab Cakes, the Survival Burger and the Strange Bun. It also promises to include “vibrant photography and original illustrations“, hopefully inspired by the game’s iconic pixelated art style, alongside the recipes.

This is not the first gaming-inspired cookbook to be released; many other popular games, from The Elder Scrolls to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, have received cookbooks to enable fans to recreate their favourite in-game dishes in real life. The fact that this one is co-authored by Stardew Valley’s creator gives it that extra stamp of authenticity, however. In addition to contributing to this cookbook, ConcernedApe is still hard at work on his follow-up game, Haunted Chocolatier, alongside the upcoming 1.6 update for Stardew Valley. This update is set to add a new festival, alongside new items, dialogues and more secret content.

For those of you looking to make your own Pink Cakes, you may be waiting a while. The book is currently set to release on April 16th 2024.