Here’s a first look at the live-action Minecraft movie’s set designs

Posted on April 4, 2024

The live-action adaptation of the Minecraft movie has finally entered production, and images for the film’s set design have leaked on the internet.

X (formerly Twitter) user @joshspace2 shared images featuring the trees that will be featured in the film. While they aren’t as pixelated or cartoony as in the popular video game, they still manage to retain their cube-like shape. This makes sense as the entire world of Minecraft is made out of blocks.

One may ask, “How do you make a Minecraft tree in real life?” Fortunately, @joshspace2 shared a photo of the tree’s skeleton as it is being built. Without the wood and leaves, it does look like the basic shape the trees have in the game. It’s really cool how set designers were able to recreate a model from the game and bring it to life while adding something different to make it more unique and lifelike.

It’s not just trees that were shown on social media. An image of what is presumably a piece of a “rock wall” was also being dragged into the studio. Surely, this is simply one piece of something grandiose because right now, it looks kind of underwhelming.

Minecraft is a popular video game that was first made public in 2009 and had its official release in November 2011. The game sits on top of the most-sold games of all time list, with over 238 million copies purchased since launch. The live-action film adaptation boasts an A-list cast, starring Jack Black as Steve, Jason Momoa, and Jennifer Coolidge. Also included in this live-action project are Barbie‘s Kate McKinnon, Wednesday‘s Emma Myers, Moana’s Jemaine Clement, and Peacemaker‘s Danielle Brooks. Producing the film is Roy Lee, known for his works in The Lego Movie and How To Train Your Dragon.

The Minecraft Movie has been in development since 2012 after Mojang received multiple offers from a variety of Hollywood producers to translate this game onto the screen. While it did eventually receive approval, Variety reported that filming in New Zealand was delayed due to the 2023 SAG-AFTRA strikes.

The Minecraft Movie is scheduled to be released in 2025.