Funko Fusion brings your favourite collectables into the video game realm

Posted on May 2, 2024

Funko Fusion has been announced as an upcoming LEGO game-style platformer for PC and consoles. The game will combine over 20 famous movie and TV franchises in Funko Pop’s iconic big headed, beady-eyed fashion, and will be releasing in only a few months!

The release trailer shows the game’s villain ominously monologuing about how he is going to take over the world by absorbing the power of Funko Pops. The range of Universal-owned franchises crammed into the game is pretty crazy. The properties mashed together include the likes of The Mummy, Hot Fuzz, Masters of the Universe, The Umbrella Academy and much, much more. It’s certainly a more scattershot approach than the LEGO franchise’s general strategy of devoting each individual game to a single franchise rather than combining them all together (LEGO Dimensions notwithstanding). Still, games like Fortnite and Multiversus have had a lot of success combining incredibly disparate franchises into one game, so there is certainly a precedent for this sort of approach doing well.

Funko Fusion is the debut title of developer 10:10 Games. The studio was co-founded by five-time BAFTA award winner and TT Games founder Jon Burton. Burton, along with many other developers on the team, have substantial experience working on LEGO games, which certainly seems like a suitable pedigree for this sort of game. While the trailer for Funko Fusion is somewhat light on gameplay, from what we can see the mix of combat and co-op puzzle solving should be pretty familiar with fans of TT Games’ past LEGO titles.

Our vision at 10:10 Games is to create an incredible co-op videogame experience that will bring gamers from across the globe together in a unique, fun, energetic, and authentic gaming experience,” says Arthur Parsons, Co-founder and Head of Publishing at 10:10 Games in a press release. “Crafted by a talented team, Funko Fusion is the ultimate celebration of fandom, blending beloved movie and TV properties for every generation with humour, fun mechanics, and fast-paced high-adrenaline action. Funko Fusion is the experience we believe fans are waiting to play, and finally, on a personal note, I get to have He-Man in a video game!

A line of physical tie-in Funko Pop collectables with Funko Fusion characters will also be released this year to promote the game. Funko Fusion will coming out on September 13th on PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X/S (seemingly skipping Xbox One, according to the game’s website), and Nintendo Switch.