Rock climbing sets new limits in trailer for Cairn

Posted on June 9, 2024

The creators behind the critically acclaimed games Furi and Haven have revealed a trailer for their next project at Summer Game Fest 2024. Cairn is an intense and stylish mountain-climbing game. The newly released trailer showcases a breathtaking journey up the formidable Mount Kami, combining realistic climbing mechanics with a compelling narrative.

Take on the role of Aava, a professional climber determined to conquer Mount Kami, a peak that has never been summited. Along her journey, Aava will encounter unexpected companions and receive messages from those left on the ground. As you climb, uncover the mountain’s history and face tough decisions about what Aava is willing to sacrifice to achieve her dream.

Cairn is designed to offer an authentic climbing experience. You will intuitively find the best holds and place the character’s hands and feet seamlessly with simple controls. You need to adapt posture, effort, and balance to avoid falling, creating a highly immersive and challenging experience.

The game offers an Expedition mode where you can choose between Aava and another climber, Marco, to tackle various mountains in different styles, such as alpine and free solo. This mode includes a range of challenges and allows you to compare performance with other climbers.

Cairn is developed by an award-winning indie team, known for creating unforgettable experiences in Furi and Haven. This trailer also shows off the music and sound design by a talented team who were behind Limbo, Inside, Control, and Cocoon, with art and story by renowned comic-book artist Mathieu Bablet. With the release of Jusant last year, climbing x video game fans are living in a golden era.

We are looking forward to seeing more of Cairn in the near future.