Exoprimal receives last batch of post-launch content, just a year after launch

Posted on July 6, 2024

Capcom’s live-service dino-hunting game Exoprimal will no longer receive any new content or major updates, just around a year following its release. The game will remain playable, however it will rotate through content from previous seasons going forward.

Thank you for playing Exoprimal,” the developers announced in a blog post. “With the release of Title Update 4, all planned Exoprimal seasonal content has been finished. After Season 4, which concludes on July 11th, Season 1 will return. From there, a new season will begin on the first of each month. In addition, Season Passes 1-3 will be available for sale again. This will allow players to obtain items from all seasons.” The website also notes that “all gameplay modes will remain available to play” and that AI-controlled players will be added if players cannot find other humans to matchmake with so that the game remains playable.

Counting the days between the release of Exoprimal and this announcement, the game received 356 days of support. As far as live-service support goes nowadays, it’s a bit more than Babylon’s Fall received, but less than Anthem, for some points of comparison. The writing was somewhat on the wall; when the game released in July of last year, it received OK but not outstanding reception from critics and failed to gather a large enough userbase to provide the kind of support that a live-service game such as this requires to stick around long-term.

Fortunately for those still playing and enjoying Exoprimal, Capcom has confirmed that it will remain playable for the foreseeable future. However, the end of producing new content for one of these live-service titles is often the precursor to turning off the servers entirely, so those wanting to finish the story mode with a friend should get a move on just in case before Exoprimal goes extinct once and for all.